You can make a difference in Laguna now:

Thank you for your interest in joining residents who are dedicated to creating the government and business climate here that nurtures human-scale growth.

Your contribution will help to insure that the LRF ballot initiative is voted into law this November.  Then we will all get a voice in any proposed large-scale development projects. That will bring better, clearer, and more compatible proposals to the table.

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If you would like to contribute by check, please mail your check to:
Laguna Residents First
PO Box 285
Laguna Beach, CA  92652

As you contribute, please keep in mind:

All one-time donations up to $99 are completely anonymous.

Per The California Fair Political Practices Commission, political contributions of $100 or more in any one calendar year can not  be anonymous.

You can contribute without limit to this PAC, or any PAC, so we hope that you will consider becoming a major contributor here. If you become a major contributor ($100 or more in a calendar year), then to help us comply with California law, please provide your address, occupation, and employer in the PayPal notes field (that's two clicks away).

Thank you for your understanding.  It is a fair California law so that it is transparent where PAC money is coming from and being spent on.