This Tuesday, May 17, 6 to 7 PM
"Meet and Greet" the Ballot Initiative

At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
429 Cypress Avenue
(Between Jasmine and Locust in North Laguna)

The Ballot Initiative for and by Residents

Vote YES for Measure Q.  Help Save Laguna From Overdevelopment.

The Five Best Reasons To Vote Measure Q:
1. Measure Q gives residents a say in the size, shape, scope and character of their community - not just developers, commercial property owners, and politicians.
2. Measure Q helps maintain Laguna’s unique charm and architectural heritage for a more human-scale community with a better quality of life.
3. Measure Q establishes limits on intensification that would lead to more congestion and parking shortage.
4. Measure Q helps ensure property values by combating the problems of overdevelopment and overtourism.
5. Measure Q helps reduce City costs by providing developers with known building requirements - thus expediting project processing through City Hall while also motivating developers to their best proposals forward.

Explore the Ballot Initiative Here

Measure Q Official Blog

Hear from Jahn Levitt:

Hear from Michelle Monda:

Hear from Douglas Miller:

Your contribution will help to insure that Measure Q, the LRF ballot initiative, is voted into law this November.

Then we will all get a voice in any proposed large-scale development projects. That will bring better, clearer, and more compatible proposals to the table.
Or, checks may be mailed to P.O. Box 285 Laguna Beach CA 92652

Time left for You to make a Difference


  • Yes on Measure Q Endorsements

    Here are just some of your friends and neighbors voting YES on the Laguna Residents First ballot initiative – Measure Q – giving residents the right to vote on projects that impact our quality of life and property values:

    Former Civic leaders supporting the LRF Ballot Initiative
    Martha Anderson, Former City Clerk
    Sally Bellerue, City Council Member, Mayor
    Ann Christoph, City Council Member, Mayor
    Neil Fitzpatrick, City Council Member, Mayor
    Bob Gentry, City Council Member, Mayor
    Becky Jones, Planning Commissioner
    Dan Kenney, City Council Member, Mayor
    Barbara Metzger, Planning Commissioner
    Bobbie Minkin, City Council Member, Mayor
    Jeff Powers, Planning Commissioner

    Notable citizens supporting the LRF Ballot Initiative
    MJ and Phil Abraham
    Abigail Amish
    Martha Anderson
    Kathi Athey
    Katlu Atleey
    Bill Atkins
    Ralph Auletta
    Armando Baez
    Terry Anne Barman
    Joan Basombrio
    Mike Beanan, South Laguna
    Roseanne Beam
    Janet Bescoby
    Gerry Bodamer
    Gail Brooks
    John and Rosemary Boyd
    Bob Brannon
    Chuck Bream
    Carolyn Smith Burris
    Carol S. Buss
    Julie Coleman
    William Conway
    Philip Carroll
    Chris Catismanes
    Eileen Chadick
    Jacob Cherub
    Delia Christian
    Michael and Kate Clark
    Brynne Cogorno
    Christina E. Cole
    Julie Coleman
    Dr. Vicki Crowe
    Cheryl Czyz
    Tim and Bonnie Davis
    Kris Evans-Degen
    Ann Dobbs
    Anita and Jim Dobbs
    Barbara Dresel
    Jennifer Dudley
    Johanna Felder
    Scott Ferguson
    Ginger Fitzpatrick
    Deborah and Angelo Ford
    Anne and Dick Frank
    Scott Fraser
    Susan Geller
    Farnoush Gidanian
    Robert Girling
    Darrylin Girvin
    Millie Goldschmitt
    Andrew Taylor Greene
    Sam Grizzle
    Alice Harmon
    Ty Hatfield
    Eric Henderson
    Teresa Hensan
    Jerry and Lee Hoffman
    Michael Hoag
    Gabriel Huerta
    Mary Ives
    Jitka and Christopher Jeffries
    Erik Jensen
    Michaela and Stephen Jeppson
    Elizabeth Jones
    Marian Jordan
    Adam Kaplan
    Kathleen Kane
    Sherry Keith
    Herb Killackey
    Alison King, PhD
    Linda Kitchen
    Carl and Marcia Klass
    Jim Kosik
    Lorene Laguna
    C. Deborah Laughton
    Linda Leany
    Gary Lefevere
    Ron Leighton
    Kyle Leishman
    Amanda Jane Leslie
    Dr. Harold P. Levitt
    Jahn M. Levitt
    Randy Lewis
    Richard Linder
    Mary Longtin
    Loretta Lynam
    Barbara Manalis
    Mike Marriner
    Alex and Charlotte Masarik
    Bohdana Maresova
    Sheila Maquillan
    Chris Mattingley
    Linda Mayer
    Dr. Gary McCarter
    Paul Merritt
    Les Miklosy
    Christy and Ryan Miller
    Doug and Becky Miller
    Blair McManus
    Celine and Bruce McMillan
    Barbara Metzger
    Meg and John Monahan
    Michele Monda
    Lisa Morrice
    Charles Michael Murray
    Byron Nelson
    Carol and Roger Nilsen
    Vicky and Lou Novak
    Suzanne Lopez
    Greg O’Loughlin
    Norman Powell
    Jerome Pudwill
    Ginger and Tom Osborne
    Rosemary Powers Palmer
    David Peck
    Dee Perry
    Madeleine Peterson
    Anne & Don Polkingham
    Norman Powell
    Audrey Prosser
    Robert Reed
    Thomas Ringers
    Marcella and Harvey Rosen
    Zaida Saleh
    Anneliese Schimmelpfennig
    Liesa, Lucas and Paul Schimmelpfennig
    Karen Schwager
    Shelly Semm
    Phil Serrins
    Lorna B. Shaw
    Christine Shields
    Sharon Singer
    Susan Skinner MD
    Katie Lang Slattery
    Carolyn Smith Burris
    April Solomon
    Barbara Sparkuhl
    Sandee Spencer
    Sharon Stelma
    Liza and Steve Stewart
    Jheri St. James
    Nelda Stone
    Edward Storke
    Carey Strombotne
    Stew Suchman
    David and Jeanne Sullenger
    Jim Sweeney
    Trish and Mike Sweeney
    Nancee Swensson
    Kevin Stevens
    Roger Taft
    Judy Teverbaugh
    John Thomas
    Steve Tollefsrud
    Rosaura and Larry Ulvestad
    Sonia and Erik Ulvestad
    Myron and Marolyn Wacholder 
    Jinger Wallace
    Robert Ward
    Jill Watkins
    Kurt and Anne Weise
    Jane and Jeff Welgan
    Pat and Judi Whalley
    Ren Wicks
    Scott and Lori Woodard
    Marcia Yury
    Saleh Zaida

    Organizations supporting the LRF Ballot Initiative

    Laguna Canyon Conservancy Board of Directors
    Temple Hills Community Association
    Village Laguna
    Board of the Top of the World Neighborhood Association

    Laguna Residents First Board
    David Raber
    Merrill Anderson
    Gene Felder

    Laguna Residents First Founder Emeritus
    Michael Morris
    George Weiss

    In Memoriam: LRF Ballot Initiative Supporters
    Ryen Caenn
    Arnold and Bonnie Hano
    Tom Girvin
    Verna Rollinger, Former City Clerk

    ‘Want to add your name to this growing list? Please email: